Various Online Adverts

Gathered here are various Flash Online Adverts that I've built over the years for various clients and agencies.

Because these works have been created at advertising agencies the 'creative' or idea was provided and in some cases the design, along with logos and various design assets.

The works were produced to brand and typogaphic guidelines, and usually inspected/amended/approved by art directors, creative directors and finally the client.

In most case the adverts were also resized into skyscrapers, leaderboards, mpu's and all to tiny file size limits.

2004 - 2009

Motion Graphics
Actionscript 1 & 2
Flash Optimization

01 Eurostar
02 RAC
03 RAC
04 Visa
05 BMW
06 BMW
07 Boots
08 The Sun
09 The Sun
10 Mini